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  • Starts at 11:00 AND Ends at 16:00.
  • This Journey will take you to see the Natural Park of Frankincense Trees. This site is inscribed as a part of the UNESCO heritage. It is 5 square kilometers of frankincense tress and the species of Boswellia Sacra trees, from which Frankincense is extracted. You will also see how the extraction and production of Frankincense essence from the source trees.
  • Now you will be taken deep into the middle of the desert to the lost city of Ubar. A city which was lost for over 1000 years and was only rediscovered in the 90’s. It is said that the city was destroyed as an act of God, as the people that lived their defied religious teachings. Scientists argue that is was merely a subterranean sandstone cavern collapsing. If you happened upon here while the sun is still up, you may catch a glimpse of the magnitude and vastness of Rub Al Khali. On the way back, you will have the opportunity to interact with the camels of the local herders. You will be able to graze and milk the camels and probably even make coffee out of it.