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CITY TOUR PACK – West Salalah Pack

  • Starts at 14:00 AND Ends at 18:00.
  • In the West Salalah tour, you will make your way up into the emerald green mountains to down by the sandy beaches. Your Journey begins at Ittin, a popular picnic spot due to it being perfectly positioned between the mountains and the city. The Ittin park is a wonderful place to go for a walk as the wide-open spaces provide ample space for positive vibes. You would then head up onto Ayn Jarziz, a waterfall formed as a result of the month-long rain season of Khareef. A little further higher you come upon the tomb of Prophet Ayoub, also known as Prophet Job in an isolated hilltop covered in mist during Khareef.
  • You will then backtrack down the mountain on a long drive westward, past the dramatic and rocky landscape which during Khareef would be almost like a green tarp. You would have now reached Mughsail. Here a long stretch of a sandy white beach shrouded in mist will await you. It is a wonderful place to go for a swim, unless you happened to be here during Khareef, the water currents tend to be rough and not suitable for swimming. Further a short hike towards the end of the beach you will find the Maneef cave and the blowholes a magnificent spectacle that has been eroded into the rocks over centuries. And then, if you choose to, you could have an Omani themed dinner arranged at one of the local restaurants.