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  • Starts at 11:00 AND Ends at 18:00.
  • You are taken on a journey far westward over the edges of the Dhofar mountains. Your first stop will be at Mughsail where you will see the misty white sand beach and further inwards, the entertaining seawater geysers. You will then find yourself on a long drive to the Fishing Village of Dhalkut. You will happen along a furiously Zig Zagging 1 km stretch of road, which is quite fun to drive or be driven on. You will then cross over the highest plateau of Jabal Al Qamar all while having a fantastic view of the Dhofar coastline. Here you will find the rare and unique landmark of the area, an old Baobab tree.
  • You will now backtrack to the zig zag roads on your approach to the Fazayah beach with its stretch of clean white beach and clear blue water. This is a beautiful spot to spend some peaceful time and take some stunning photos with its amazing landscape and background. If you choose to, you could have a BBQ dinner arranged here and maybe even go in for a swim.