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  • Starts at 12:00 AND Ends at 15:00.
  • In this activity, you will be provided a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (scuba) which is completely independent of the surface air. You will have the choice to choose from 2 diving spots. First is a beach dive off the coast of Mirbat, this is the safer of the two as it takes place in water with maximum depths of 17 meters and is closer to land. You will be able to see stunning coral gardens and tiny fish from Shrimps to Nudibranchs to larger fish from Rays, Turtles and Barracudas, possibly even Octopuses if you’re lucky.
  • And second is a boat dive from the fishing marina in Salalah, is a more adventurous approach to diving as it will take place in open waters with depths averaging anywhere between 7 meters to 30 meters. The abundance of marine life here will allow you to witness unique underwater situations from giant packs of Sardines to Enormous 2-meter-wide Sting Rays. You could also catch a glimpse of giant Turtles, crocodile fish and even a large variety of Moray Eels. At the end of the activity, you can choose to have lunch in one of many restaurants available.