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  • Starts at 11:00 AND Ends at 18:00.
  • The Jabal Safari starts with a Journey to Taqah, here you will find the well preserved 19th century Taqah castle and unravel the history behind it. Onwards, you will find yourself glaring at the uncanny beauty of the Wadi Darbat. The path to the Wadi is littered with Acacia, Fig, Wild Olive trees and the Bedouin favorite, Sidra trees. Here during Khareef you will see the Darbat waterfall, which fizzles and gurgles over the side of the mountain into the wadi below.
  • You will then take the mountain road on onwards to Tawi Atair, the largest sinkhole in Dhofar. It is simply a natural spectacle. Another natural spectacle, which some would consider a natural phenomenon is the Zero Gravity Point, scientifically a Gravity Hill. People usually drive to this location to watch their cars go uphill without any acceleration; however, care needs to be taken as vehicles could reach speeds of up to 50 kmph (31 mph) if not properly parked. Finally, you will happen upon the tallest point in the whole of Dhofar, standing at 2100 meters, Jabal Samhan. Riddled with limestones and sinkholes it is the home to the critically endangered species of the Arabian Leopard. You will be able to take in the atmosphere at the 1300 meters high viewpoint providing an amazing coastal panorama.