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CITY TOUR PACK – East Salalah Pack

  • Starts at 14:00 AND Ends at 18:00.
  • The East Salalah tour will take you on a journey from waterfalls and lakes to the relics of the old age, you will start your journey through the 19th century city of Taqah and witness the marvels of Taqah castle, a stronghold and residence of the local Governors during the 1980’s. You will then make your way to the Wadi of Darbat. The path to the Darbat lake is littered with Acacia, Fig, Wild Olive trees and the Bedouin favorite, Sidra trees. You will also see the Darbat waterfall, which during Khareef fizzles and gurgles over the side of the mountain into the wadi.
  • Then on to the Lagoon, Khor Rori in the ruined city of Sumaharam the antient export center for frankincense, the site of the palace of the Queen of Sheba. On a calm day, all is quite with the whistling of the wind and chirping of the birds, if you happened upon this place during sunset, it is due to make for some splendid photographs. And then, if you choose to, you could have an Omani themed dinner arranged at one of the local restaurants.