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CITY TOUR PACK – City of Salalah Pack

  • Starts at 14:00 AND Ends at 18:00.
  • The city tour will take you on a Journey through the intricacies and splendors of the city of Salalah as you will pass by many modern infrastructures mixed with traditional cultural influence. Firstly, you will drive by Al Nadha Tower, the centerpiece of the city. It is one the most prominent landmarks in the city as it used to link the Airport with the city and lead the road in every direction conceivable. Nearby you will find the Prophet Imran’s tomb, the father of Moses. This place has significant religious influence and holds the record for the longest grave (41 feet long). The grave of the prophet has been surrounded by a pleasant and peaceful garden for an increased sense of spirituality. Now you will make your way to the gem of the city, the Sultan Qaboos Mosque the largest mosque in the city, it has delightful architecture with decorated chandeliers and intricately tiled walls.
  • Onwards to Al Balid Archeological Site the antient 12th century trading port of Dhofar. The settlements here date all the way back to 2000 BCE. An electric cart can be hired to view the vast archeological site. You will also be able to access the Museum of the Frankincense Land which highlights and illustrates Oman’s maritime and prowess and the recent renaissance. Nested amongst the coconut groves lies a cozy marketplace for textile, gold, silver and most importantly, perfumes, the Al Hafa Fort Souq. The perfumes to keep an eye out for are the Frankincense and Bakhour which will send your senses sailing into bliss. Out of peaking curiosity, you will now have the opportunity to taste the signature drink of the city, coconut water and have a taste of the sweet copra within. And then, if you choose to, you could have dinner in one of many restaurants in the city.